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Our expertise

Beyond footwear. It’s craftsmanship.

For us, quality is paramount. Quality begins at the tanneries, where we hand pick the leathers that are used in our facility. Our strict quality standards ensure that all shoes pass strict quality controls. Well-experienced quality controllers, guaranteeing careful supervision to ensure exceptional quality, man the numerous QA points throughout the production line.


Each shoe that we manufacture is the result of the tireless effort and commitment from a product development team with over 20 years of experience creating footwear for many leading shoe brands. The team is able to execute unique, innovative and exclusive designs, with a significant focus on the details. The result - elegant, contemporary and modern footwear.


Portuguese and Italian expertise allows us to take pride in high quality leather finishing we are able to achieve, which makes our final product exceptional. Regular visits from veterans in shoe manufacturing means that our team is continually trained and kept up to date with the most current shoe manufacturing and finishing techniques.


We understand the needs of the market. Therefore, we are flexible while working with our customers, and we are able to offer extremely short design to delivery lead times to increase the speed to market.

How we work

Beyond Footwear. It’s Quality.

Driven by a passion for quality footwear and exceptional design, we aspire to develop and create products that touch and inspire both our customers and our team members who create them.

In order to achieve our goal, we use intelligent and extraordinary effort to deliver exceptional products to our customers. With a focus on design, quality, innovative materials and superior technology, we are able to supply our customers with world-class products.


Beyond Footwear; It’s being responsible

At SSL, our commitments extend beyond creating exception footwear. Our commitment to the communities and the environment in which we operate are supreme. Progress for us is assessed through continuous improvements in the products we manufacture, but more so through the lives and the environment we are able to positively impact.

We consider it our responsibility to produce an exceptional shoe while giving back to the community. We wouldn’t be who we are, or where we are without the individuals that bring our products to fruition.

Women Empowerment Program
Many of the women that are employed at SSL have rural beginnings. Thus, we’re committed to empowering these women. Women are considered equally and often given preference for leadership roles. As a part of our commitment to empowerment, we conduct a number of programs such as personal finance management seminars, health and hygiene seminars, micro-financing schemes, crèche facilities, and on site healthcare. Expectant mothers are offered added flexibility to manage their pregnancy and work.
Waste as Raw Material
We work with the local communities assigned specifically to develop products by utilizing waste leather. We work with the community to engage talented designers to develop products using waste leather. These products are then sold locally where the profits are enjoyed 100% by the team creating these products.
Reduced Carbon footprint
Our ultimate goal is to leave a zero carbon footprint. Thus, everyone at the facility is committed to sustainability and the green initiatives currently underway at SSL.
An Equal Opportunity Employer
We embrace and welcome diversity. We employ team members regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual preference, and are proud of the team members with special needs. Programs throughout the year celebrate all religions, races and special needs.